Why should I outsource my billing and practice management?

There are far too many answers to this question to list here. Perhaps most importantly, to save time and save money. Our practice management experts formulate solutions geared towards maximizing longer have the need for updates / upgrades to software and hardware. Your insurance claims will be transmitted to carriers within 24 hours of each patient encounter. Claim rejection rates can be reduced to less than 1%, and time waiting for reimbursement can be reduced to less than 7 days. Save time, save money!

How do I receive insurance payments?

All reimbursement payments are sent directly to the provider via paper check or electronic funds transfer.

How much will this cost me?

Claim Resolutions, LLC charges it’s clients a percentage of revenue collected on behalf of the provider. Each and every client has individual needs; fees are based upon size of the practice, specialty, and services required. We tailor each agreement to make sense for our clients. In all scenarios, we aim to increase our clients revenue by more than the cost of our services.

When will you send me a bill?

We do not get paid until we perform. Once you receive your reimbursement payments, we will send an invoice on the 1st of the following month, and every month thereafter.

How will I get you the information needed to handle our billing?

All patient information can be entered into our system by your staff for the purpose of scheduling and eligibility verification. Upon completion of each patient encounter, you can either enter the appropriate any pertinent information via our secure fax line or email. In certain situations, arrangements can be made for our staff to physically pick up the necessary documents.

How soon can we get set up?

Immediately. We can have your account set up and fully functional within 72 hours. Electronic data agreements with commercial payers will be completed within 72 hours, while Medicare may take 2-6 weeks (depending on provider credentialing).

How can I verify that the work is being done as promised?

Our staff is available Monday — Friday, and will be ready to provide you with claims status, detailed reports, and support.

How is my patient data stored and how will I access the data?

All patient information will be safely stored on reliable Oracle databases, housed in two separate (HIPAA compliant and EHNAC certified) secure data centers. All of your information will be accessible anywhere, anytime you need it. Our system can be accessed by any computer or tablet with basic web browsing capabilities (PC or Mac), as well as most smart phones.

Can you serve clients outside your immediate area?

Absolutely; we offer our services nationwide. Any information that needs to be exchanged can be handled safely and securely via phone, fax and email. We will do our best to physically visit your office as frequently as time will allow. Once we begin working together, you and your staff will feel as if we were right next door.

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