Real Doctors of America – The Untold Story

A day in the life of a real American doctor may not be what it seems. Practicing medicine in any specialty is an incredibly daunting task. As if the challenges of practicing medicine were not enough, Doctors face all the challenges of a small business owner. Did anyone ever consider that being a successful doctor might require an MBA in addition to an MD?

Some might think a doctor’s day consists of returning from vacation to pick up his or her Ferrari on the way to the golf course before stopping at the bank for a mountain of cash on the way home. In reality, most doctors face mountains of paperwork while they wish there was more time for patient care. Long after schooling, residency, and fellow-ships doctors continue to work incredibly hard.

One of the greatest challenges facing doctors is actually getting paid for the services they’ve already rendered.

According to the American Medical Association, even contracted providers are only paid accurately 68% of the time. Bottom line – practicing medicine involves a lot more than what a patient sees during a 15 minute visit. We think it’s time to cut doctors some slack! We’ve created the following infographic to detail what it’s like to be the Real Doctors of America:

Real Doctors of America - The Untold Story
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