Reporting EHR/EMR & EXR

Data Insight provides comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand metrics to track progress and react accordingly.

Take Advantage of EHR Benefits

As part of your health information system, an EHR enables your practice to enter, store, retrieve and modify records. Digitizing health care has resulted in a more efficient paperless work environment that allows you to spend more time on your practice and less time on administrative tasks. In order for your practice to be eligible for the current government initiatives, certain steps need to be taken. Data Insight™, from Claim Resolutions facilitates your participation in valuable revenue enhancing EHR and ERx incentive programs.

Innovative Practice Management Software at No Additional Cost

Most healthcare providers are shelling out money for inefficient and outdated practice management software. Claim Resolutions will provide your practice with the most innovative practice management software available in today’s market, at no additional cost. Staff training and tech support will be available for your practice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, your practice management system will be accessible from any computer with basic web-browsing capabilities. Your bottom-line will improve instantly as you no longer have a need for costly software updates or hardware.

More Practice Power Through Scheduling

Managing your office calendar with our efficient scheduling system allows your front office to quickly schedule, and verify appointments. The scheduling feature is integrated with our billing software, so once a patient is scheduled, we begin to create a bill. Our calendar appointment search feature will enable your staff to find the right day, time, and provider for those tough to schedule patients. Claim Resolutions’ quick, easy-to-use scheduler features customized iPhone and Blackberry accessibility, offering providers a look at their calendar while out of the office.

Reporting EHR/EMR & EXR

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Reporting EHR/EMR & EXR

Utilize Real-time Electronic Eligibility Verification

Real-time electronic eligibility verification will take place automatically, alerting your office to a patient’s insurance status while relieving your staff of time consuming phone calls to insurance companies. You spend less time on the phone and less time on hold.

Qualify for Government Incentives with EHR

The U.S. government is offering incentives to practices willing to adopt an EHR system and this has encouraged many physicians to research how they can benefit from this opportunity. To receive the benefits of incentives, you have to be qualified medical professionals (not hospital based), and should be able to demonstrate meaningful use of a certified EHR. Claim Resolutions high-end, touch-based EHR system qualifies for current government initiatives (physicians can earn $44,000 or $64,000 in cash Medicare or Medicaid bonuses through 2015).

ERx Improves Patient Safety and Reduces Costs

ERx has been described as the solution to improved patient safety and reducing sky-rocketing medication costs. With the newly mandated ERx requirements, it is clear that the only option is to adopt and receive your rightful reimbursements (or pay the fines!). Through Claim Resolutions software, you can write and send prescriptions directly from patient charts.

Minimize Billing Errors and Inquiries

Claim Resolutions will minimize errors and greatly reduce the chances for claim rejections, resulting in better turnaround time and higher revenues for your practice. We can reduce your rejection rates to less than 1%, and can increase your practice revenue by as much as 492%.

We Stay on Top of the Coding for You

Medical coding is a constantly evolving process, and ICD-10 is only going to make that process even more complicated. Claim Resolutions stays on top of the constantly evolving insurance reimbursement process. Our daily coding analysis will ensure the use of the most up-to-date and valuable codes and modifiers

Reporting EHR/EMR & EXR

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Reporting EHR/EMR & EXR

Let Us Deal with the Insurance Companies and Government Agencies

Claim Resolutions mediates all matters pertaining to insurance claims management and processing. We also interface with insurance companies and other government agencies on your behalf, including processing paperwork that will be submitted for processing.

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Reporting EHR/EMR & EXR